On-Site Dental Laboratory

NC Prosthodontic Specialists – Dentures, Implants & Crowns, is one of the few dental practices in the state that has its own fully equipped, on-site dental laboratory operated by Certified Dental Lab Technicians who work exclusively with Dr. Bill Scruggs, Dr. Tony Molina and Dr. Anthony Gragg. Our laboratory consists of state-of-the-art dental technologies including one of the most advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing systems (CAD/CAM) in the field of dentistry. This highly detailed technology ensures proper strength, comfort and fit when replacing one or multiple missing teeth.


Immediate, “Same-Day” Temporary Teeth Delivery:   As specialists in the field of restorative dentistry, and in collaboration with our on-site dental lab technicians, patients are assured that in most cases they leave our office with provisional (temporary) teeth until their final restorations are fabricated (especially post-surgery).  Patients are put to ease knowing that although temporary, the teeth are both functional as well as esthetic and natural-looking in appearance.

Natural-Looking Teeth:  Our on-site dental laboratory provides the highest quality of restorative results by allowing the doctors and the certified dental technicians to work together reviewing every step of the fabrication process.  This process also allows the lab technician to meet with the patient to ensure their aesthetic preferences with great success.  As a result, both aesthetically and functionally, the finished product is a natural-looking, comfortable tooth (or teeth) that look and feel great!

Expeditious Delivery: Since most of our dental restorations are fabricated in our on-site dental laboratory, it expedites the delivery of the prosthesis to the patient.  Our dedication and commitment to the patient provides successful results with complete satisfaction!

Extensive Inventory of Parts:  We stock an extensive inventory of denture and implant parts that are available for immediate delivery to patients who require ongoing prosthetic and implant maintenance.

On-Site Dental Lab

The I-CAT Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) has revolutionized dentistry by improving diagnoses of oral diseases such as oral cancers and infections related to the teeth and oral structures previously difficult to see with traditional dental radiology. Diagnosis and treatment planning, using CT imaging is made safer and more predictable resulting in enhanced treatment outcomes for our patients.

On-Site Dental Lab

On-Site Dental Lab 3I Imaging Guide

Implant surgery has never been more predictable and easier for patients with the 3-D Implant Planning and Guided Surgery software from Nobel Clinician. Utilizing 3-D CT images, implants can be custom planned for the specific bone volume of each patient allowing full visualization of the facial structures.  In some cases, guided surgery is used in conjunction with a 3-D printed mouth guard that is made, allowing a precise transfer of the planning in the software to the patient, reducing treatment time and post-operative discomfort in a predictable manner with the final restoration in mind.

On-Site Dental Lab

With the Nobel Procera 3-D lab scanner, implant components for single teeth and full arch tooth replacement can be designed digitally and manufactured from our in-house laboratory.  Customization of components with CAD/CAM allows for maximum individual customization of components and more predictable  aesthetics.

On-Site Dental Lab

With 3-Shape, CAD/CAM fabrication of dental restorations is possible right from the in-house dental laboratory.  Restorations are designed digitally and manufactured with the aid of modern methods such as milling and 3-D printing technology.  This new technology is often faster and more easily customized for each individual patient.