fixed Bridge

Oral functionality and appearance are important reasons for wearing a bridge and provides support for the lips and cheeks.  

Good oral health is the most important motivator when determining whether or not to wear a bridge. Teeth were designed to complement each other.  If there are missing teeth, it can result in unusual stresses that are placed on the gums and other oral tissues.  When teeth are missing, dental problems can occur such as the patients’ bite shifting.  A dental bridge can help avoid the risk of fracturing the remaining teeth.

dental bridge, replaces multiple missing teeth.  It literally “bridges” the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Using state-of-the-art materials, they feel and look completely natural.  A bridge, is a fixed replacement for the missing tooth and is anchored to either the patient’s natural teeth, dental crowns or implants.  They are particularly useful for patients who have either chosen not to have dental implants or for those who are not recommended candidates.