missing teeth

Missing teeth due to genetics, trauma and/or periodontal disease, is a common occurrence for patients of all ages.  Based upon the location of these missing teeth in the oral cavity, it can cause physical, clinical and emotional distress to the patient:  

  • Physically, missing teeth may affect the patient’s bite by altering mastication (chewing) as well as having the inability to articulate words properly. 
  • Clinically, missing teeth can lead to shifting, causing bite problems and difficulty with spacing.

  • Esthetically, missing teeth can greatly affect patients’ self-esteem and self-worth hindering their ability to feel their very best! 

It is important that adolescents with missing teeth schedule an appointment with NC Prosthodontic Specialists for a consultation.  Although implants are not placed until the jaw bone is fully developed, it is important that the Prosthodontist be a part of the dental team planning the future implant placement.

At NC Prosthodontic Specialists – Dentures, Implants & Crowns, our doctors have the experience, knowledge and training to regain our patient’s quality of life and appearances by fabricating natural-looking, comfortable teeth.