What are Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic Implants are an alternative to traditional implants and are useful especially in the back areas of the upper jaw when often times there is a lack of bone where the teeth once were (or never were if missing from birth).  Instead of being anchored by the jaw bone near the teeth, zygomatic implants can be placed that anchor areas in the upper jaw bone which are near the dense zygomatic bone.  By anchoring to this dense bone, the implants can be anchored even if there is a lack of bone where traditional implants would go.  

One major advantage of an implant that engages the zygoma bone is that many times, these implants can be utilized while avoiding time consuming and sometimes unpredictable grafting procedures that can prolong treatment for 6 months to 1 year.  While grafting procedure are indicated in some cases, zygomatic implants offer an option to have the implant in a patient’s own natural bone as opposed to grafted bone which is sometimes less strong than natural bone.

Restoration of teeth with zygomatic implants can be done in the same way as traditional implants, offering the choice of teeth that are removable and snap to the implants for increased retention with no coverage of the palate (overdenture), or teeth that are screwed to the implants and are not removable by the patient (Fixed Bridge).  

The treatment with zygomatic implants is completed with a team of specialists that includes a Prosthodontist, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Certified Dental Laboratory Technician, and Anesthesiologist (when necessary) to complete treatment in the most efficient, comfortable way to give the patient dental implants that support teeth most of the time in the same day.

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