Severe Bone loss in the Upper Jaw

Severe Bone loss in the upper jaw is the main reason that patients are told they are not a candidate for tooth replacement using dental implants.  Often times these patients are constricted to an upper denture that is not retentive and non-functional.  Zygomatic implants can be the answer to replace the teeth in a natural looking and functioning way even in cases of severe bone loss.

There are 3 main reasons why severe bone loss in the upper jaw is present:

1.  Congential (From Birth) conditions where either no teeth were formed or the upper jaw did not form                properly

Anadontia (a condition where no teeth were formed during development) precedes a person to have a severely deficient upper jaw where the use traditional implants is very difficult or impossible.  The reason that jaw bone forms is related to the development and eruption of the teeth to form normal bone we traditionally use for dental implants.  When this is the case, alternative forms of dental implant restoration often with the use of Zygomatic Implants is the only option to restore functional, natural looking teeth.

2.  Long term missing teeth

As can be the case with a congenital birth condition, teeth are the reason the bone forms and the reason that bone sticks around.  Once teeth are lost, the bone supporting those teeth tends to melt away making restoring teeth with the bone that was once there very difficult.  In situations such as this, major grafting procedures can help build bone back once it is lost but are costly, time consuming, and often unpredictable long term.  Zygomatic implants can be useful in these scenarios because they can anchor to parts of the upper maxilla, which form unrelated to the teeth.

3.  Long term denture use

For a similar reason to why the bone melts away when we loose teeth, long term denture use can accelerate this bone loss in some cases.  A combination of natural bone resorption and potential traumatic forces to the underlying bone from long term denture use  can leave a patient  with no bone for traditional implants if the decision to have natural, permanent teeth is made.

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