Fixed full upper or lower Dentures

Fixed dentures, also known as implant supported dentures or hybrid dentures, are dentures that are securely anchored to the patients’ jaw by dental implants.  Their appearance is similar to that of a bridge and cannot be removed by the patient.  Fixed dentures are the best option for those patients who have lost or are losing their natural teeth in either both the upper and lower jaw, yet would like to wear well fitted, natural-looking prosthetic teeth that are non-removable. 

Although the treatment is customarily the same between the upper and lower jaws, the upper tends to have softer bone density requiring more implants to support the new prosthesis.  Many times a temporary fixed denture, also known as an immediate fixed denture, can be placed the day the natural teeth are extracted and the implants placed.  Once the healing process is completed, the “final” bridge or fixed “final” denture is fabricated and delivered to the patient. 

A fixed denture consists of placing four or more implants in the lower or upper jaw followed by attaching a final denture. 

Many patients refer to a fixed, final denture as the “permanent denture.”  However, it is important to note that similar to natural teeth, dental prostheses need to be replaced over time due to their constant, daily usage and as a result, are clinically not “permanent.”   

Through the advancements in dental technology, fixed dentures are the most natural looking teeth that maintain a patient’s quality of life.

  • Conventional Fixed Denture – Titanium bar with denture acrylic teeth
  • Contemporary Zirconia Bridge – Porcelain-like material with strength that is similar to metal (see illustration below)
Fixed Full Upper or Lower Arch Replacement
Fixed Full Upper or Lower Arch Replacement


 BeforeFixed Full Upper or Lower Arch Replacement
 AfterFixed Full Upper or Lower Arch Replacement