One Location, One Price

Prosthodontists are Specialists in Full Arch/ Full Mouth Permanent Teeth supported by dental implants!!

Prosthodontists are specialists in full mouth tooth replacement including screw in implant bridges.  At NC Prosthodontic Specialists, our facility is fully equipped to provide:

  • Same Day Temporary Permanent Teeth
    • Most cases allow for temporary permanent teeth on implants the same day the natural teeth are removed
    • NC Prosthodontic Specialists has a fully equipped in-house laboratory and experienced certified dental laboratory technicians; allowing for customized, esthetic prosthetic teeth at every step of the way.

  • Sedation Anesthesia during Smile Reconstruction
    • Patient comfort during the procedure is our top priority.  A menu of sedation options are available to maximize patient comfort

  • One Location for all procedures Start to finish
    • From Surgery to final restoration and maintenance care are all under one roof for convenience and optimal patient care

  • One Price
    • Every case has 1 price.  This allows for fully customized treatment planning to optimize longevity without worrying about continual changes in treatment plans and pricing.

  • Maintenance
    • Permanent Tooth replacement requires maintenance care throughout the life of the treatment. We believe patients should know about this upfront and know the best way to ensure long lasting tooth replacements.  NC Prosthodontic Specialists will schedule regular maintenance care with regular recall visits with our specialized dental hygienists, and clearly define prescribed procedures to ensure the treatment lasts as long as possible.