Advantages of All-on-4®

The All-on-4® Procedure provides several advantages to more traditional full arch treatments.  Here at NC Prosthodontic Specialists, we utilize this procedure in patients who desire this type of treatment because it provides a minimally invasive, less costly alternative allowing more patients to receive permanent fixed teeth than ever before.  Let’s go through some of the advantages of this treatment.

1.  Ability to support a full arch of teeth with just 4 implants even in patients with bone loss.

In area of the mouth with no teeth, or in areas with gum disease and bone loss, the size of the jawbone is reduced and has an effect on the ability to place implants to support full arch, non-removable teeth.  This bone loss makes it difficult to place implants ideally not necessarily because the jawbone is smaller, but because avoiding the posterior nerve for example in the lower jaw is difficult; as illustrated below.

In many circumstances, whether patients have lost some or all of their teeth, the bone that used to support those teeth has resorbed and gotten smaller.  Utilizing tilted implants as seen in the All-on-4® procedure, we can support a full arch of teeth even in circumstances of bone loss (bone resorption).  This allows proper support of the teeth, while avoiding vital structures such as the lower jaw nerve and the maxillary sinus cavity that get in the way in patients with bone loss.  

Above is a picture of how the All-on-4®procedure helps avoid the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw while still allowing proper support of the teeth.

Because of the way the implants are inserted in the All-on-4® procedure, the teeth can be supported with just 4 implants providing a minimally invasive and less costly way to achieve permanent fixed teeth.

2.  Provide patient with Full Arch Permanent teeth in the SAME DAY as Extraction and Implant Placement

While possible to immediately place fixed, non-removable teeth in circumstances other than the All-on-4® procedure, this procedure is designed to move the patient to fixed, non-removable teeth in the same day as extraction (if necessary) and implant placement.  This provides the patient with functional, esthetic teeth they can be proud of while avoiding the use of a traditional complete denture throughout treatment. 

  Fixed Full Upper or Lower Arch Replacement
 Fixed Full Upper or Lower Arch Replacement

3. The All-on-4® Procedure can be used in patients who currently wear full dentures or patients who currently have natural teeth that need removal.

The all-on-4® procedure can be utilized in patients who still have their natural teeth or patients who are already in full dentures.  Whether the teeth need to be removed or not, the procedure can be utilized to provide full arch permanent teeth replacements in the same day.

4.  The All-on-4® Treatment protocol is a lower cost than more traditional full arch treatments

The All-on-4® treatment protocol allows more access to more patients to receive this type of treatment than ever before.  The main reason for this is because of the ability to use fewer implants than in the past to achieve the same goal of fixed permanent teeth.  There are many circumstances in which the environment allows for fewer implants and some in which still 6 implants are preferred.  Here at NC Prosthodontic Specialists, we are highly skilled and trained to analyze each individual situation and customize treatment to each individual patient to ensure the best long term prognosis.