certified Dental Lab Technicians

Board Certification as a Dental Laboratory Technician requires 5 years of intensive academic study & hands-on training followed by successfully passing both the national & state regulatory examinations.   Our Board Certified Dental Laboratory Technicians, Barbra & Krystal combined, have about 39 years of advanced training, education & experience in designing, constructing & repairing dental prostheses & appliances. Board Certified Dental Laboratory Technicians are a combination of scientists & artists, where the latest in the advancement of dental technology & aesthetics come together. Their outstanding, artistic skills have mastered the art of color, shape, precision & form including a comfortable, quality fit.  NC Prosthodontic Specialists – Dentures, Implants & Crowns, strives to provide their patients with dental restorations with optimal results & patient satisfaction. 

BARBRA graduated with honors from Durham Technical Community College, having earned an Associates of Applied Science degree in Dental Laboratory Technology.  Her passion for dentistry has been ignited since childhood having worked as an apprentice in dental practices when she was in high school.  As a Certified Dental Laboratory Technician since 1992 with over 30 years of experience, Barbra continues to be dedicated towards state-of-the- art advancements in dental technology & restorative design by attending higher education programs & professional symposiums.   Barbra is an active member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL).  Barbra has been an invaluable member of the NC Prosthodontic Specialists – Dentures, Implants & Crowns dental team for the past 28 years.

KRYSTAL graduated from Durham Technical Community College, with her Associates in Applied Science in Dental Laboratory Technology, with honors in 2017. She also received her RG in May of 2017. She first interviewed with NC Prosth in October of 2016 & was welcomed to the team upon graduating. Krystal is actively undergoing training from her fellow lab techs, Barbra & Anna, soon she will be ready to receive her CDT. She is active in the National Association of Dental Laboratories & constantly learning new implant technologies. We are happy to have Krystal as a member of the NC Prosthodontic Specialists-Dentures, Implants & Crowns for the past 2 years.